Drawproject is a not for profit annual event with all proceeds going to student scholarships, public art projects, and other art based activities.

By joining this project the artist is donating his or her time and skills to the cause.

The initial idea was to invite artists that I have met and worked with over the last 10 years to take a piece of paper…and draw. There were no rules or definition of what a “Drawing” is….only their interpretation.

The list of artists quickly grew too large for one exhibit and is now an ongoing & hopefully never ending project.

Use any paper you like as long as it is 22 x 15 inches... for the 2011 exhibit delivery date is Thanksgiving... just mail finished piece to The Turner Center - 527 N. Patterson St. - Valdosta, GA. - 31601.

The pieces will be catalogued and listed on the website in order of arrival. Exhibits will be held at least once a year with a book documenting the show.

I will do my best to get each artist participating a book from the exhibit.

Books will be available through the web after each exhibit.

When shipping drawings please include Artists name—title—medium—web-link or e-mail if you would like them to be listed.

  All art submitted becomes the property of Drawproject and we reserve the right to reject any submissions recieved.....even though it sounds a bit nasty.